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JoAnn Bren Guernsey, JoAnn Guernsey


My fiction is not easily categorized.  I like to think it crosses several genres: literary, mainstream, women's, young adult, slice-of-life, psychological, and erotica.


It's darkly funny, romantic with an edge, experimental without tossing away all the conventions.


I love language, music, and all forms of visual artistry (the nature photos on this site are mine). In my writing I explore turmoil in and out of loving relationships, and I take my characters and readers on a wide range of emotional journeys.


I also derive great satisfaction as a teacher of creative writing (fiction and memoir), and I've been told my passion for writing is contagious.



Intriguing ... haunting ... I was mesmerized by Guernsey's polished writing...    -- Mary Ann Grossman

St. Paul Pioneer Press



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